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"I can pinch a penny with the best of them.  But when spending is necessary, we need to make smart decisions.  That's why I support these bonds."   

                                         Patrick Connelly - Chick-fil-A Morehead City                                                      

"Every day Carteret County reaps the benefits of our tourism industry.  It just makes good sense for tourists and 2nd home owners to help with the costs of these vital needs for our community." 

                                Jillian Farrington - Transportation Impact - Emerald Isle

"I'm proud to live in the county with the lowest tax rate in the state.  Those local leaders that keep my taxes low are supporting these bonds and I trust their judgement."                 Ed Stack - Jarrett Bay Boatworks - Beaufort


"I've spent my entire adult life working in the business financing and investing.  These bonds make make good sense from a business perspective and are a great investment in our county's future."

                          Mitch Gay  Enterprise Banking at nCino -  Morehead City   

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